Our goal is to create exclusive beauty and comfort at your home!

Interior and curtains studio “Jaukumas” is young, ambitious and professional team of designers.

How our studio differs from others? We are sincerely happy that we can creatively renew you home, impart more comfort, individuality, and originality!

See you at our studio!

We always offer a consultation with interior designer at our salon!

We will be able to discuss relevant issues and try to solve existing problems.

You can always expect:

  • The initial consultation and familiarisation
  • Questions and analysis of the current situation
  • Visualisations
  • All the information about furniture/fabrics/wallpapers, etc.
  • Advices
  • The selection of furniture/wallpapers/fabrics

You have no idea how living room, dining room or workroom of your dreams is going to look like?

 – We can help you!

We can come directly to your home and help create the vision of your apartment/house (the selection and decoration of wallpapers and curtains will give cosiness to your home, while carefully selected furniture will provide individuality).

We understand that nowadays many of us do not have enough time, so you can consult with our designers online or by the phone and get the professional help without leaving your home.

The sewing and design of the curtains from the beginning to the end!

We offer:

  • Familiarisation with the situation
  • Personal visits to your home
  • Measurements
  • Preparation of the project
  • Modelling
  • Selection of fabrics that match with your interior
  • Selection of curtains style
  • Selection of curtain rods
  • Sewing
  • Hanging

We can design various types of curtains: Roman blinds, Austrian curtains, screens, we can also design cushions, bedcovers, tablecloths, bedclothes.

We will take care of all mountings works

We will sew, measure, deliver, and hang your dream curtains (the selection of curtain rods and curtain rods systems; the installation of curtain rods and curtain rods systems)

We offer a professional help without leaving your home

How does it work???

You only need to send us photos of interior of the room that you wish to enhance with curtains!

We will do everything else ourselves!

Contact us using the provided contacts