The goods can be collected:

  • courier can deliver the parcel to your home
  • from our studio in Kaunas, Savanorių pr. 166, LT-44149, Kaunas (for free)
  • from our studio in Vilnius, P. Lukšio g. 32, LT-08222 Vilnius Domus Galerija (for free)
  • from our studio in Šiauliai, Pramonės g. 17B, LT-78136 Šiauliai Home Ideas Centre “Nic” (for free)
  • from our studio in Klaipėda, Minijos g. 42, LT-91197 Klaipėda Home Ideas Centre “Nic” namų idėjų centras (for free)
  • from our studio in Klaipėda, Dubysos g. 21, LT-93232 Klaipėda Furniture Centre Minija, I fl. (for free)

Each of your order is carried out as quickly as possible!

Select a delivery type which suits your living area. If you have chosen a wrong type of delivery, your order may be rejected or the price may be recalculated based on the cost applied to the delivery to your chosen location.

Be sure that you or your family members will be at home on the agreed time before choosing a delivery address. If you are unsure, consider the possibility to have your goods delivered to your workplace or anywhere else, where you can be sure that someone will take the parcel.

Parcels can be delayed if you have incorrectly indicated delivery address, zip code, phone number, or if the courier did not find you on the agreed delivery time. If the courier did not find you at home – please inform us and we will arrange a new delivery time.

If you can not collect the parcel at home or in a workplace, you can choose a delivery to our studios in Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai or Klaipėda. You can pick up your goods at your chosen time and free of charge from our studios.

Before accepting the parcel please check that packaging is not damaged. You have the right not to accept a parcel if the packaging is inappropriate – torn, with crushed corners, opened or otherwise physically damaged. If you decide to accept a damaged parcel, insist that the condition of the packaging would be described in a record of acceptance and delivery or in an act of delivery of damaged packaging. In any case, check the content of the shipment and evaluate it along with a courier before accepting a damaged parcel.