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    Išmatavimai: 59 x 58 x 86cm (plotis x gylis x aukštis)

    Sėdimosios dalies aukštis: 48 cm

    50% vilna, 30% linas, 20% poliamidas
    Didžiausia svorio apkrova 120 kg

    The Fellow chair exemplifies a ‘no-nonsense’ and timeless design, combining angular lines with a light expression and a comfortably soft seat and back. Using futureproof materials that last a lifetime, the design features contrasting materials with its black frame in powder coated steel that is offset by the soft upholstery of the plywood seat and back, crafted to comfortably support the user’s body.

     The accessible design by Jan Willem van Elten is made with an eye on the future, inspired by industrial design principles. The minimalist frame owes its sophisticated look to the unique construction of angular lines and interconnected tubes. The design makes it easy to detach both the seating or armrests from the frame, enabling to replace it over time. The chair’s elegant armrests, for added comfort, are made from solid oak wood. 

    The Fellow chair is a friend to all and adds a timeless touch to every space in a home, restaurant or workplace.


    Clay, Niagara, Dark grey





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